Suzanne Carlson

Manager at Nicole Rebstock in The Crossing

When we talked with Suzanne you got a sense of depth in both business and life, with what we term as being a veteran retailer having forty years of experience in the game. 

Coming from a family of five children with three older brothers teaching her to step up if she wanted to play alongside them as a youngster.

Being a creative person Suzanne did not like the educational system of the day and branched out into the working world at 16 years old, starting her career in an Auckland shoe store.

Suzanne also spent a short period as a rep in Australia, being given only a map and a car and sent off on the outback trail where sometimes would not see people for days.

Self-described as a fighter, not a runner, which was well evident during two separate armed hold-ups at her own jewelry business in Parnell Auckland. Both robberies were one month apart with the perpetrators leaving empty-handed. 

For most, the thought of someone coming in a pulling a shotgun out of a poster tube would send the bravest to their knees but Suzanne stood her ground, stating the adrenalin and the what if’s only kicking in afterward.

After taking a short break to have a couple of children, Suzanne then started her own fashion store business called Vintage Addiction in Newmarket Auckland, creating her own New Zealand-made designs all inspired by the fashion of the 1920s to the 1960s. 

After seven years in this business and wanting to spend more time with her children, she and her husband Rhodri decided to make the move to Christchurch for a better and more affordable lifestyle.

In a twist of fate and looking for a new role, sent her CV to Nicole Rebstock and Nicole knowing her abilities as they both had stores across the road from each other in Newmarket hired her on the spot.

Suzanne loves Christchurch and we wanted to know why.

What do you love best about Christchurch?

The people are just so friendly and we have made some great friends in the short time we have been here. When we first moved into our home, all the neighbours came over to say hi, whereas in Auckland we would have not spoken to our neighbours in 10 years.

Aside from the people, what else attracted your family to move here?

We wanted to send our kids to better schools in Auckland and with most good schools being more central we started to look at the housing, which was very small for the money.

Christchurch is a pretty city with lots of great schools, affordable housing, and getting a lot more for your money than in Auckland. 

You then put that with having a brand new city and fantastic natural amenities making the move here very easy. 

We also love Hagley Park and can’t believe how many people exercise here.

Where are some of your favourite places to go out?

If you want an epic steak, Bessie on St Asaph Street is the place to go. Chi Chi Kitchen in Boxed Quarter for some of the best Italian and Hali always deliver great food to your plate.

Having a stylist’s eye, where do you go clothes shopping?

I am not a traditional shopper but love wearing clothes that make me happy rather than current trends. I support New Zealand brands and have a particular love of shoes. 

Nicole always has great designs and very comfortable shoes. I also love using my experience to help people put things together.



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