Suited on The Terrace

Fraser Bremford

Director from Crane Brothers

Lifestyle, projection of image and enjoyment are some of the aspects that drive Fraser’s passion for curating unique experiences for his clients with now over 25 years in fashion retail.

Starting his career in the hospitality sector, Fraser loved pairing good food with wine and tailoring unique dining experiences for clients. 

However, growing tired of the long hours and finishing up when everyone else was starting, he took on a part-time job working for Country Road, when a full-time role became available, he finished up his time in the hospitality sector.

Sometime later, Fraser took on southern region director for Working Style where he was able to re-establish his love of dealing with clients in a more personal way but to broaden his horizons took a short sabbatical working for Mercedes Benz.

An opportunity came up where he could put some skin into the game and took on as director for Crane Brothers here in Christchurch. 

It was a return to his love of delivering on both service and product equally as he believes they go hand in hand. He also believes clients are looking to be guided, so having the ability to distil that down to something wearable is key. However, he says that experience is not necessarily unique, but his delivery of that will make it unique for the client.

Fraser’s take on styling is about seeing the potential of a garment the client hasn’t considered and tailoring that experience for clients to enjoy so they want to come back and do it again. 

Styling also provides a unique insight into aspects of his clients' lives which he says is a privilege and deepens the understanding of what they want to achieve.

We asked Fraser what keeps him excited in this business, his answer was multi-faceted. First, being the owner provides him with all the challenges a business brings along with its autonomy. 

He has always had a love for engineering, and there is a certain amount of engineering within fashion design to help scratch that itch but above all, loves working with a range of globally talented artisans who help deliver on the products which fill those gaps in men’s wardrobes with something wonderful.

We were left in no doubt that Fraser has a genuine passion for what he does and, in his words, “to create a look rather than consume what is available.”

Suited on The Terrace

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